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With the increasing mobility in higher education, questions dealing with the labour market situation, career challenges and difficulties of recent graduates have become increasingly important. At the same time, the career tracking of international graduates has been a less researched topic in recent times. This gap is to be filled by a survey conducted by the Tempus Public Foundation and the Educational Authority.

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We have had a challenging time: the situation triggered by the Covid-19 virus has affected all areas of our lives. Erasmus+ projects were no exception: outbound trips were cancelled, activities had to be digitised. How could the projects be implemented under such difficult conditions? Coordinators, Agnes Leirerné Katona and Ibolya Seressné Barta tell us how a project can succeed despite the difficulties.

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Training and Cooperation Activities (TCAs) under the Erasmus+ programme are newly introduced forms of Long-term Activities (LTAs), which provide a strategic framework for exploring a policy area for several years (e.g., social inclusion and access, sustainability, digitalisation, etc.) to have an impact on the programme and the policy managed by them.

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Internal knowledge sharing and persistent internationalisation efforts play a prominent role at the University of Pécs. To this end, internal trainings have been launched here, which have grown into a stable, confident project called the Internationalisation Academy over the years. But how is this project structured, and what impact does it have on the institution? Dr István Tarrósy, International Director of PTE and Péter Árvai, Deputy Director answered our questions.