The Erasmus+ project launched by the Waldorf School of Szeged set the goal of improving students' entrepreneurial skills.

Although the submission of the final report is still a long way away, the students already won the “Student Enterprise of the Year” title at the Hungarian competition of Junior Achievement in the summer.

Run by 12 students, the company produces colourable calendars, book markers, postcards, exercise books and other stationery of their own drawings.

"Their products offer enjoyable colouring for both adults and children; they're not conventional colouring books, but household objects which can be decorated and customised by colouring", said the project coordinator. The enterprise called Game of Tones presented itself with flying colours at the Italian, Portuguese and Swiss project meetings, as well as at national and regional trade fairs, where students can also learn more about business planning, sales and marketing.

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Last modified: 16-10-2017