With an eye on active social engagement and sustainability, Sipkay Barna Secondary School of Trade, Catering and Tourism of the Vocational Training Centre of Nyíregyháza has launched its project called One for all, all for GREEN.

One for all, all for GREEN

The project sought to show both current and future students the importance of ecotourism, as well as to find solutions to the problems of traditional tourism in various countries through joint efforts and creatively.

The number of project products created during the project indicates the successful cooperation between the seven partner countries (Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, and initially, Turkey).Several interesting programmes, such as a logo contest or the heptalingual 'green dictionary', already contributed to improving youths' knowledge about and commitment to the topic to a great extent.The most special product of the project is the cultural equivalence map, comparing the seven partner countries based on their cultural, traditional, gastronomic, geographic and touristic peculiarities.Besides the map, the students also carried out an extensive survey to show how much interest Algeria had in the Hungarian tourism market, and they even attached the schedule of a six-day organised trip, including accommodation, travelling and a detailed description of the sights and culture of Algeria.The document ends with a country-specific ecotourism guide to help the conscious travels of those visiting the given country.

The joint educational materials can also serve to give an idea to other public education institutions on how to address the issue of environmental protection and ecotourism.

The content and a further description of the project are available here:

Product: Ecotourism curriculum
Subject: Ecotourism, project-based learning, sustainability, climate change

Last modified: 27-07-2020