How to make the most of a mobility project? How to systematise the results and make them available for others? These are the questions which the compilation of Converzum Tudomány Language School Plc.'s Recalculating project gives answers to; the compilation could provide long-term help in the fields of teacher training and skills development.

Recalculating - Quality Improvement in Language Education

Besides obtaining up-to-date knowledge of methodology, ICT and school management, the staff mobility project called Recalculating also seeks to integrate experiences about the best practices of the host institutions and to get a deeper insight into European national cultures. Seventeen staff members of Converzum, engaged in professional leadership, internationally recognised teacher training, language teaching, mentoring and teacher and customer management, attended training courses in a number of European countries, aligned with the development needs of the organisation, helping the school expand its range of products and services and improve their quality, thus increasing competitiveness.

Designed in a number of phases, channels and for various target audiences, the dissemination activities of the project reached hundreds of teachers. The outcomes were made available through reports from the staff members involved in the project, the weekly methodological newsletter, the microsite of Converzum, demo lessons, and, indirectly, through working together with the professional leadership and the mentors. The contents available on the website greatly contribute to the long-term availability and usability of the project materials in participants' reports, entire workshop presentations and summaries, as well as through the list of useful materials, applications and exercises collected in various topics.

Product: website and methodological collection
Subject: ICT, teacher training, corporate language teaching, holistic language teaching, burnout syndrome, school management, professional renewal
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Last modified: 27-07-2020