An international volunteering project is an exciting adventure for the participants, full of new experiences and challenges. Whether it’s the surprises caused by a foreign country or understanding the subject matter, preparation before the travel is absolutely justified. This is what the iPrepare application, developed under the strategic partnership of 'Egyesek' Youth Association, is designed to make easier, both for the sending organisations and the travelling volunteers.

iPrepare – volunteering, well-prepared

It’s an interactive online platform which offers volunteers and the sending organisations the opportunity of digital learning, using various supporting materials to make volunteers' preparation for long-term international projects easier before their travel. The platform was developed in order to improve the standards of preparing volunteers, as well as to ensure they have all the necessary information before travelling abroad. It also allows the sending organisations to organise their preparatory activities in a simpler and more cost-effective manner, also supported by an easily available digital tool.

The materials of iPrepare include exercises, quizzes and videos in various topics, organised into modules, and designed to help the volunteers revise their to-do's, motivations and goals before travelling. By combining the modules, the sending organisations can also revise the necessary preparatory activities, which they can adapt to the personal needs of each volunteer.

The tool is also available as a mobile application and it’s free of charge. Note, however, that it complements but does not replace the preparation provided by the supporting organisations.

Product: application
Topic: volunteering, quality improvement, digital competencies

Last modified: 27-07-2020