The project of Váltó-sáv Foundation produced intellectual products which can be of great help for organisations working with, for example, deviant young people and adults, unemployed people dropping out of the education system, refugees, homeless people or people with disabilities.

What's Outside the Walls?

The PRE-project involved five countries, and it sought to support the social and labour market (re)integration of those under criminal proceedings, convicts and those released after serving sentence. Although the activity of the international partnership targeted a special adult learning group, the materials developed can also be used in a number of other areas. The project outcomes are easy to adapt to disadvantaged, marginalised target groups struggling with similar problems, where the purpose of the training is the preparation for or providing support to an independent life or the social and labour market integration.

The eight intellectual products of the project, available in English, consist of summary studies, analyses, case studies, curriculum, educational materials and interactive training materials focusing on the preparation for everyday life. Among others, they target the issue of developing digital competence, social sensitisation, the importance of individual support and mentoring, and they also make suggestions about the operation of social associations.

Last modified: 18-04-2019