The curriculum developed as part of the ECO-Motive project focused on the basics of ecological farming. It primarily sought to improve the employment rates of disadvantaged and poorly skilled people. The training material can be effectively used in the fields of vocational training and adult education, but it may also be interesting and useful for local governments and civil organisations.

About Organic Farming for Everyone

The project was implemented under the coordination of the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences of Szent István University, by preparing the trainers, developing auxiliary teaching materials and setting up model gardens. The curriculum developed by a partnership of four countries can be effectively used by, among others, the agricultural professionals and experienced farmers of rural settlements to train poorly skilled and disadvantaged people.

The long-term goal of the project was to offer participants specialised training in ecological vegetable and fruit production, pet farming and sales, so that they can effectively benefit from this new knowledge in their own gardens, in community or social gardens operated by the local government, or possibly by working for an organic farming entrepreneur.

The project produced educational materials combined with a methodological toolkit for trainers, as well as easy-to-understand and richly illustrated educational resource material, consisting of five books, for disadvantaged, poorly educated people and for hobby gardeners.

Last modified: 18-04-2019