The digital educational material developed as part of the project coordinated by InterRegio Forum Association can be used both to help disadvantaged students catch up and for the talent management of gifted students. The teacher-controlled playful exercises inspire and motivate children at the same time.

Playful Learning with Mobile Devices

That's what the project title implies, too: Innovative Exercises in Educating Young School Children - Inspire and Motivate Apparently, it has been successfully implemented among children of 8-12 using the application illustrated with funny graphic elements, as their native language, mathematics, science and digital competencies measurably improved.

The project was implemented to make classes more exciting, and learning more effective, for students in the lower grades, and therefore to make the transition to higher grades smoother, thus contributing to reducing early dropout rates. The available teaching materials and lesson plans can be used in any subject, whether for gaining new knowledge, practising or simply making classes more entertaining. Moreover, beyond using contents created by others, the application also allows you to prepare new tests.

The playful exercises are available from the project website after registration, using a mobile phone or a tablet, and you will also find a user's manual giving a detailed description of the platform and a teacher's manual with added methodological elements of drama pedagogy.

Last modified: 18-04-2019