The Foundation for Democratic Youth has compiled a handbook for developing young people's problem-solving and creative design skills. The publication was designed to support learning, and actual lessons plans were also prepared to help teachers integrate problem-based teaching into their classes.

A Little Book for Big Ideas

"Problem-solving is an exciting creative process, full of challenges, during which a new idea is born after a lot of learning, trying, thinking, failure and realisation... This publication presents the steps of the creative solution-seeking process, and it provides help for teachers, as well as professionals and trainers working with young people” – says the preface of the handbook, generally available to anyone.

It gained its final form in the youth project called You're at the Right Place!, relying on many years' experience. It uses methodological recommendations, specific exercises and examples to present the toolkit available for professionals working with young people between the ages of 14 and 18.

"Creative problem-solving can be developed using a variety of tools (from puzzles through modelling to programming); in this book, however, we focused on one problem type: community problems", they wrote. "They are the neglected parks, the lack of community spaces, or conflicts among community members. We think that through these complex, multi-player, open-ended problems, young people can experience that they can initiate changes in the world, they can affect others' lives, and they will realise that they, too, are the members of a community, for the future of which they have their own responsibility and duties.” > Knowledge > Our publications > Kis könyv nagy ötletekhez

Last modified: 18-04-2019