International cooperation

In particular, we would be interested to participate in applying for EU grant application with a youth network in any part of Europe.

I am the founder of Youth Horizons, a Kenyan nonprofit, non-partisan youth led community enhancement organization formed for promoting among others charitable and educational purposes. Youth Horizons targets young people, through empowering them with skills in building self esteem, technology, business, life skills, and communication and also imparts knowledge on climate change, leadership and gender issues so the youths can take on leadership roles in their communities.

We write to seek partnership to roll out the SDGs under our SDSN Youth in Kenya Program

The problem is that many youth do not understand the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the 2030 Agenda, as a set of universal goals which replaced the Millennium Development Goals. They are designed to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice and combat climate change by 2030. It was passed by a total of 193 world leaders who committed themselves to the 17 goals and 169 subsidiary targets in September 2015. Unlike the Millennium Development Goals, the SDGs are seen as universal and apply to all countries.

Objectives of the SDG program

1. To contribute to the understanding of sustainable development in the
region and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda
2. Promote “Solutions Initiatives” that address key challenges on
sustainable development in Kenya with a focus on the different economic, political, social and environmental realities of the region
3. Promote an open dialogue among different sectors of society to
address major sustainable development challenges; and
4. Promote sustainable development in academic programs of higher
education to enable the future leaders of the region.

With support from your organisation (s), we intend to roll out a training and awareness raising program among youth in Kenya with the
following learning outcomes:
1. acquire a multi-dimensional perspective on all 17 SDGs and their 169 targets;
2. prioritize a number of goals that are particularly important for their community; participate in a series of small group conversations to identify policies, projects and resources that could support SDGs implementation;
3. explain the wider context of the UN sustainable development process and its history leading up to the creation of the SDGs;
4. work with like-minded people in the community who are also willing to collaborate on local SDGs implementation projects;
5. sketch out strategies of how to mobilize local stakeholders around feasible projects;
6. Practice to become an active multiplier of conversations that matter to Kenyan communities.
7. Sustainability is not an end point in a journey. It is a community centred process of learning how to live sustainably and regeneratively in a particular locality with its ecological and cultural uniqueness.
8. Everyone in that place can take the leadership to start or participate in culturally creative conversations about how to collaboratively create specific projects aimed at implementing priority SDGs in their community

To this end, we write to express interest to become your partner in Kenya. With this partnership we would like to develop joint SDG projects and programs that will benefit youth in both Kenya and Europe

Best regards

Geofrey Chirchir
Team Leader
Youth Horizons
PO BOX 3713

TYPE OF INSTITUTION Non-profit association
NAME OF THE PROGRAMME Erasmus+ / Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices (KA2)
PROJECT TOPIC International cooperation