European strategy for universities conference in Norway


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Higher education professionals and knowledge transfer are the perfect ingredients for an international conference about European Universities.

The European Universities is a flagship initiative of the European strategy for universities that sets out an ambition to establish transnational alliances of higher education institutions, aiming to develop long-term structural and strategic cooperation.

Initiated in 2018, the action intends to support 60 European Universities (involving more than 500 higher education institutions), which will link up education, research, innovation and service to society in an interconnected and innovative way.
During several years of intense cooperation, more than 40 European University Alliances (EUAs) have developed innovative results, which are of great interest for other European higher education institutions (HEIs) and various stakeholders. In order to spread these results, four Erasmus+ National Agencies (NAs) have co-created an international conference.

The aim of this of this conference was twofold:

  • to identify and spread innovative results and best practices from EUAs to HEIs, and
  • to discuss and explore the transformative impact of the EUAs on higher education in Europe.

The conference was co-organised by four Erasmus+ National Agencies, namely OeAD from Austria, DAAD from Germany, HK-dir from Norway and Tempus Public Foundation.

The conference was hosted in Bergen (Norway) in May 2023 gathering ca 140 participants.

Representatives of nearly all existing Alliances, other HEIs, NAs, national authorities, the European Commission, students and various stakeholders were present. As for Hungary, 13 HEIs (partly members of Alliances, partly those who are interested in this action), the Ministry for Innovation and Culture and colleagues from Tempus Public (TPF) Foundation attended. TPF had an important role in drafting the programme and implementing the event. We organised several workshops with the active contribution of the Hungarian participants, and they shared their experiences and thoughts in numerous panel discussions.

The programme of the conference provided participants with opportunities to connect, share experiences, identify good practices and learn more about the transformative footprint of the EUAs in Europe. 

Last modified: 08-02-2024