Hungarian universities help refugees fleeing Ukraine with accommodation, health support, and scholarships




Hungarian universities help refugees fleeting Ukraine with accommodation, health support, and scholarships

There are more than ten offers from Hungarian universities on the European University Foundation's information platform.

Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, Hungarian educational institutions have been actively supporting refugees arriving in the country. As an emergency response, they provide shelter and health support for people fleeing the armed conflict, but many are also thinking of long-term support. Students arriving in Hungary who were forced to interrupt their studies in Ukraine can join the Hungarian higher education system through a variety of training opportunities and scholarships.

European University Foundation, the knowledge centre and mobility network of European higher education institutions, has created an information platform to collect the offers European universities and make it accessible to students at risk. On the user-friendly War in Ukraine - Student Support Centre platform, refugees can see what higher education institutions of different countries have to offer in four categories: emergency shelter, access to health and psychological support, fast-track application procedure for studies, and special scholarships for studies.

Eötvös Loránd University – within its availability – may receive those students holding Hungarian, Ukrainian, or other citizenships and having contractual student status with universities in Ukraine, who fled to Hungary due to the war in Ukraine and wish to continue their studies at the university in the spring semester of 2022. The institution will examine each application separately and may offer visiting student status and a complete tuition fee waiver for the concerned students within the faculties’ capacity.

Óbuda University provide accommodation, care, study opportunities, online courses, guest student status, flexible administration, and a number of discounts for both Ukrainian and third-country students legally residing in Ukraine. By opening the K-MOOC courses, the institution enables the admission and completion of online Hungarian language courses.

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design provides accommodation and three meals a day at its canteen according to capacity and opens its ongoing courses to refugee design and art students, enabling them to continue their studies. Applicants with a university student status in Ukraine can join English-language courses free of charge in the 2022 spring semester.

Eszterházy Károly Catholic University provides the opportunity for students coming from Ukraine to enrol in the courses and to join the Erasmus+ and Makovecz Programmes with fast-track administration. All the young people concerned are accommodated in hostels/dormitories in Eger and Jászberény, or the institution’s staff helps them find accommodation.

University of Debrecen freed up around 300 dormitory places to accommodate students, teachers, and other refugees from Transcarpathia. The institution also organises fundraisings and volunteering programmes, and offers fast-track registration for its English-language courses.

Széchenyi István University committed to accommodate two hundred international students seeking asylum and is also accepting applications from young people wishing to continue their studies under the Stipendium Hungaricum Students at Risk Programme.

Students from Ukraine who apply for admission or visiting student status are automatically exempted from paying the application fee at the University of Pécs. The institution offered donations and dormitory accommodation to the refugees and opened a registration platform for those who had to interrupt their studies in Ukraine due to the ongoing war. The university offers over 100 study programs in English and Hungarian covering all major academic fields.

IBS International Business School is offering a temporary visiting student status free of charge for 30 (10 Foundation, 10 Bachelor, and 10 Master) refugee students for the current semester (2021-22/2) with the opportunity to study on any programme.

University of Sopron also welcomes Ukrainian refugees wishing to continue their studies in English or Hungarian at the institution. Students fleeing their country have the opportunity to study at the Liszt Academy as well, so that they may continue their musical studies in Hungary.

Dharma Gate Buddhist College and Gál Ferenc University is also helping those in need with fundraisings and training opportunities, the University of Physical Education is offering shelter, health support and fast-track registration through the information platform.

The War in Ukraine – Student Support Centre platform is connected to the Erasmus+ Dashboard, an IT system used by many institutions across Europe, so all European universities participating in the Erasmus+ programme can access it and upload their offers with only a few clicks. The platform allows institutions to easily and efficiently reach those in need with their offers.


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